316L Metal Filament 1.75mm
316L Metal Filament 1.75mm
316L Metal Filament 1.75mm
316L Metal Filament 1.75mm

316L Metal Filament 1.75mm

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Product Description

Material Introduction 
Anycubic Metal Filament is made by a mixture of certain amount of 316L metal powder and polymer material, and is then drawn into a 1.75mm wide or so wire. The material can be molded at around 200-250℃, far lower than the melting point temperature of 316L, using FDM printer used for printing ordinary plastic models.
Filament information: φ=1.75mm, 750g/ roll.

Product features
Molding technology innovation. This technology is a great combination of metal powder injection molding (MIM) and melt deposition printing (FDM) technology. It combines the preparation method, principle and equipment of MIM feeding, debinding and sintering process and forming principle of FDM printing.
Material properties: because the metal powder was added with special polymer adhesive, the filament has good toughness and high metal concentration with mass fraction up to 85-90%.
Decent appearance design and stable performance: before printing, just put the filament in the appropriate position, and there is no need to keep watching during the printing process. There will be no breakage. If you fold it by hand, you usually have to fold it 180° before you can break it.