Anycubic High Clear Resin 5-20kg Deals
Anycubic High Clear Resin 5-20kg Deals

Anycubic High Clear Resin 5-20kg Deals

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●Resist Yellowing
●Tough and Resilient
●Light Odor and Safe
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Resin & PLA Multi-Bottle Deals Order Instructions:

  1. Due to limited Black Friday inventory, some colors may not be available. We may be able to expedite black, white, or gray, or upgrade to resin/PLA without changing the color. Please note in your order if you have any issues.
  2. If you choose the color type as "Random" and do not make a note, we will ship in random colors, which may contain one or more colors.
  3. If you choose the color type as "Random" and want to make a note, please specify quantity and required color. For example: "10 kg gray" or "5 kg black and 5 kg White".
  4. If the color you noted is unavailable, to ensure you receive your order without any delays, we will randomly select an available color to send to you.
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Product Description

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Anycubic High Clear Resin
Highly Transparent and Long-lasting Clarity
Highly Transparent and Long-lasting Clarity
Anycubic High Clear Resin brings the prints the features of high transparency and long-lasting clarity that exceed most other resins in the market.
High Precision and Fine Surface Finish
Smooth & Fine Surface Finish
It offers the parts with a detailed and stunning surface. In order to get a polished look, it's recommended that apply coats of Anycubic High Clear Resin or vanish on the surface before curing.
Excellent Resist Yellowing Performance
Excellent Resist Yellowing Performance
Anycubic High Clear Resin is designed to print parts that can stay crystal and clear without yielding a yellow hue in an interior environment for a long time.
Tough and Resilient Mechanical Property
Tough and Resilient Mechanical Property
Due to the optimized formula, a 100% rise in resilience compared to standard resin, making the prints more durable and less easy to break.
Light Odor and Safer Experience
Light Odor and Safer Experience
Anycubic High Clear Resin has a light odor and is less irritating, bringing users a better and safer printing experience. But it doesn't mean 100% safe, and it's wise to wear gloves and mask as well as work in a well-ventilated area.
Wide Compatibility and Applications
Wide Compatibility and Applications
Sensitive with 365-405nm wavelength, Anycubic High Clear Resin works well with most resin 3D printers to produce excellent transparency objects like prototypes, gifts or jewelry.
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